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About the project

Market Challenges

  1. Increasing customer acquisition cost
  2. Reps intoxication
  3. Ideas depletion
  4. Need for fresh experience
  5. Product stagnation
  6. A high price for small teams

Deep field on the quests market triggers the sharp growth of this cost through digital marketing and SMM

Each quests network develops from being simple to complicated. Leading wave quests have strong borderland on ideology and puzzles mechanics. The main reason for the player's disappointment is receiving 80% of old puzzles in a new design instead of a unique storyline

Dozens of locations have appeared in big cities because of the easy entry to this market. The owners after having created 20-30 good puzzles for the first 4-5 quest games ran out of new ideas for further development. Instead of new quests construction owners decide to duplicate the existing scenarios to other regions and leave local players without any novelties

Usually the client plays a quest game once only. Next time (within a month) he/she needs something new, at the same level or even better

Without a single system of quest quality assessment, the most complex and expensive facilities would suffer because they are compelled to compete with the cheapest ones. Clients, without the reliable data about the quests, choose by indirect attributes

In most countries, there is a system for selling games, which involves the participation of 2 to 4 players at a single price for the team. The price is for all the players. To go together turns out 2 times more expensive, and to collect 4 friends in one place on a regular basis is difficult. As a result, the industry does not receive these customers

Partner service

  • Modern CRM with a set of functions (tracking of a financial position, responses, quality control of employees, etc.
  • The built-in marketing campaigns module inside the platform
  • Integrated booking service for posting on the web-site. Free of charge
  • Cross-marketing activities with other participants of the booking service
  • Broad coverage of potential clients
  • Access to international players as part of the quest tourism
  • Payment acceptance at a discount
  • Growth in sales without risk investments. Payment for each game

Client service

  • Online booking of quests with the universal and united system of discounts worldwide
  • Recommendations based on the behavioral analysis and history of games, estimates, comments, social networks profiles
  • Tracking of the puzzles crossing between new quests and with those already passed by the player guarantees a high level of user satisfaction and will expand the audience of more complex and expensive quests
  • The social platform with an opportunity to invite players to the quests and recall those who refused to play the game earlier
  • Separate payment. The system will allow to carry out convenient mutual payments when team consists of people who aren't familiar with each other, but want to play together in one team
  • An opportunity to become an expert: to create reviews, to influence the rating of quest suppliers. Everyone can become a critic whose opinion will surely be considered


On the 23rd of February at 23:00 GMT the Pre-ICO of Escape Token project was finished. During the token presale we offered the 20% bonus to every purchase. All received funds was processed and the certain number of tokens were accrued. We have raised $224 044.
  • Preliminary token sale:

    • Start of sales — at 12:00 GMT on January 23, 2018
    • End of sales — at 23:00 GMT on February 23, 2018
    • Soft cap — $200 000
    • Hard cap — $1 500 000
    • Bonus at the stage of preliminary sale: extra 20% added to the number of tokens purchased at this stage
  • The nominal cost of one token is $1
  • During the preliminary sale 1.2 tokens will be acquired per $1 taking into account a possible bonus.
  • The number of tokens to be accrued based on the sale results will be increased in case of bitcoin rate growth, ether and other accepted crypto-currencies in relation to USD. The number of tokens will be increased proportionately to any change in the rate of crypto-currencies from the day of transfer of the crypto-currency at the project account to the rate of the token on the day it is issued. If the rate of crypto-currency in which payment for tokens is transferred decreases relative to the day of transfer at the project account of tokens — the number of tokens will be accrued at the rate of the transfer date.
  • The final number of tokens to be accrued based on the results of preliminary and main sale will be declared on the day of tokens emission.
  • The main stage of tokens sale will take place from April 18 till May 18, 2018.
  • Tokens will be issued on May 25, 2018. Issue will be made proportionally to the funds collected.
  • Within one month following the issue, trading with tokens will be realized. The list of grounds (stock exchanges) will be specified before the start of the main stage of token sale. Here, the project team shall reserve the right to make a decision on the release of tokens at the stock exchange earlier, including before the main token sale stage.
  • Tokens are expected to be issued on Ethereum platform; however, the project team may decide on the use of the alternative platform if problems with transactions in Ethereum remain and transactions prices grow. Most transactions will be carried out in tokens with the equivalent of from $20 to $100; therefore. the growth of extra costs per transaction may become critical for the project. Smart contract data will be posted at GITHUB before issue of tokens in order to perform the comprehensive check of safety and stability.
  • The maximum number of tokens, which may be issued at the preliminary and main stages is 35,000,000
    • 75% of them will be sold during the preliminary and main stages
    • 15% will be reserved for motivation of the project team
    • 5% will be reserved for remuneration of strategic partners who are participants of the platform
    • 5% will be reserved for remuneration of advisors and participants of bounty-programs

Our Experience

Our platform in Vienna allows us to implement the most innovative solutions in the quests market and to test it in the European countries. We are the first who created and successfully launched full immersion quest in virtual reality.

"ThePsycho" makes it possible for players to find themselves in the body of the other creature, to see themselves through others’ eyes and interact with each other.

  • > $3 000 000

    Investments raised

  • > 60

    Quest created
    and constructed

  • 1'st VR

    Quest with real
    object inside

Road map

Created the first quest

Q4 2014

Start of VR quest development

Q1 2015

Launch first VR game

Q4 2017

Pre- ICO (first stage of Token sale)

Q4 2017

Booking service website: release 1.0

Q2 2018

Main token sale

Q2 2018

Marketplace launch

Q3 2018

Booking service website: release 2.0 implementation of token exchange

Q3 2018

Booking service website: release 2.0 implementation of token exchange

Q4 2018

Mass media



The painstaking work on Escape List aggregator is in process at the moment and very soon our project will be represented on one of the largest events in escape industry - UP THE GAME 2018 exhibition. On 8th and 9th May the representatives of escape-industry from a great amount of countries will be concentrated in Breda with their innovative solutions for quest-games. We will be ready to elaborate on advantages of our platform and offer cooperation to quest-companies’ representatives.